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Been hearing a lot about Sublime Text 2 lately, but haven’t brought myself to really “dive in”; anyone?

And one of the bits mentioned in the above article is TextExpander, which, on the surface sounds awesome, but also means I need to plan ahead and then remember the bits I’ve programmed…  Haven’t bitten into that one yet either, but again, sounds really good…

Thanks to Nicholas for bringing us back to the days of yore, back when “making it work everywhere” really only meant two desktop browsers, and the one you cursed wasn’t the one you’ve been used to cursing for the last, oh, say 10-12 years??  It is fun to think and be reminded from whence we come…

Now that all the hub-bub about the Mars Curiosity landing has settled down, let’s see just what it was like, in HD… This will be a good one for full-screen, on the new big-screen TV… :-)

And maybe kind of a let-down after that video, but some cool photos of the first several days’ of driving around

And, I know this is, like, soooo 43 years ago, but it’s still pretty awesome… A few different things going on in that cramped little video/image area: Click the thumbs for larger images; Click Play Video in the top-right to see the landing recording; Click Go Fullscreen along the bottom to see the panoramic image.

A cool CSS3 3D Sliding Menu from Craig at Sitepoint.  Even if you’re not crazy about this version, I think it opens the mind toward other interesting page interactions that CSS3 can bring to the Web.

Star Wars fans: Ready for your own hovercraft?

Now about about hovering your way down the river?

Okay, one more for the Star Wars fans

Hungry?  Why not just print a snack?  Absolutely amazing, but I just… do… not… like… this… idea…

Though it might be better than this alternative

You know, once upon a time I studied architecture, and have very often used building a house as a metaphor for building a website, so the We Are Architects article makes perfect sense to me!

Chronicle promises to be a good series.

Nice set of CSS Guidelines.

GreenCam seems like it would be a great idea. And if anyone can figure out how/where to download it, I’d love to hear about it…

Is that a satellite in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

A pretty impressive method for implementing organization charts in HTML!

And finally, we all wanted to do it, or at least thought about it, but here are some actual smart people talking about: Digging a hole to the other side of Earth.

Happy reading,

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