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Tired of loading/progress bars/circles/stupid-things?  Then a loading/progress favicon might be just the thing for you!

We’re all building responsive sites now, right?  So every time a user rotates their stupid little device, our sites all bounce to the proper width, right?  But what about the height of the page?  Anything you really wish was still in site, but now drops “below the scroll”?  Well maybe you need to start building vertically-responsive sites!

And if you’re not building responsive sites yet, maybe this collection will help spur you in the right direction…

Speaking of responsive sites, this is a slick idea for menus (be sure to scrunch your browser window up)!

If you feel like getting all-geeked-up over the latest-and-greatest clean energy advancements, here are 9 that are sure to flip-your-processor-switch!

And not directly an energy advancement, but this dynamic, digital house, constructed in two weeks, is definitely an advancement in the right direction…

I have wanted this, for so long…

Also been waiting for this for a long time: build your own jQuery!

A whole lot being written about position:sticky now that Webkit is offering support.  I hate the value name, and have not yet had a use for the feature myself, but I can certainly appreciate the amount of JS and JS resources it removes, so I begrudgingly like it…

Never mind how incredibly uncomfortable the Fliz Bike looks, it might be fun on (very smooth) downhills, but, like the skateboard, I just can’t imagine this being much fun going uphill…

Hate Java applets as much as me?  Well, here’s how to kill Java in all your browsers! (From the title, I thought for sure Chris was going to give me one slick-ass way to do all browsers at once, but each browser requires its own set of actions; alas…)

One self-photo, every day, for more than 4,500 days

And finally, what would happen if Batman teamed up with the Avengers?  Well, aside from the fact that DC-meets-Marvel would certainly never happen, seems there is a slight “personality conflict”…

Happy reading,

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