Monthly Archives: September 2012

Boilerplate Updates Galore!

Well, the day has finally come, and thanks to a 5-hour train trip each way for a business trip, I have finally made the time to update both my WordPress Boilerplate Theme & HTML5 Boilerplate Plug-in! The plug-in is already … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

I have long been a fan of the Creative JS community and the progressive work they produce.  While most of it is not-yet-ready-for-prime-time, it is great, ground-breaking work.  I especially love the interaction of music and visual of Rocking Dendrites! … Continue reading

I Fucking Hate Cigarette Smokers!

<rant> Okay, not actually the cigarette smokers themselves, and certainly not all cigarette smokers… I get that you want to smoke, and I agree that you have the right. It’s a completely stupid habit in my opinion, but it is … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Tired of loading/progress bars/circles/stupid-things?  Then a loading/progress favicon might be just the thing for you! We’re all building responsive sites now, right?  So every time a user rotates their stupid little device, our sites all bounce to the proper width, right? … Continue reading