Yearly Archives: 2012

Today’s Readings

Me too… hilarious! Somehow thought Isaac Asimov would sound cooler, but I guess sounding this nerdy is actually better… Great @media support page, using nothing more than the tests it claims to detect… Can’t wait for this shit: Shadow DOM … Continue reading

I am so f-ing sick of hearing about “The Cloud”!

<rant> I must admit, on paper, the cloud sounds really great: We all walk around with unattached devices, unencumbered by wires and connections to things, free to roam wherever we like, without a care in the world, because no matter … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Water-soluble packaging… Now that seems like a long time coming, nice job Apple! I like the Slit Slider. Can’t see myself using it, but I like it. I can’t figure out what the sort order is (and the table is … Continue reading

Here you go, Facebook, you’re welcome!

Hey, Facebook, how ya doing? Good, good… Um, I love the infinite scroll thing you (and so many other sites) do, but the thing is, it really sucks when, after scrolling down for a while, I decide to actually click … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

A slew of “reading lists” recently hit the Interwebs… Good stuff for reading by the fireplace as the weather cools outside… And speaking of outside, wanna bring a little “outside” into your “inside”? How about a moss-covered keyboard? Interesting, but … Continue reading