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I’m not usually one to get excited about “someday we’ll be able to” features, but once in a while I let myself enjoy the hard work and vision of what will come, like CSS Shaders!

And how cool is it that driverless cars are finally getting some traction!

Wow, serious game-changer for the solar industry! Imagine all glass buildings, all windows, all glass-walled balconies, churning out solar power…

You go, Lincoln Center!

One of the great pains of website rendering is reflow, the process of the browser realizing it must update where things are in the browser window, and thus has to “repaint” everything. This is especially painful on responsive websites, because we have to remove width/height attributes in order for the images to respond to pain resizing. But here’s a clever option, assuming you know the proportions of your image, which doesn’t seem that hard to determine on the server-side.

David Walsh doesn’t publish a whole bunch, but when he does it tends to be good, and Fokus is no different…

Anyone else sick of hearing about the “three-line navigon“? I am, but I’m not. I really like the idea of “identifiable” icons. Icons are language-neutral, which is really nice when you consider that we work on the world-wide web… Also like Andy Clarke’s vertical version as well!

A fantastic intro to data attributes, and a great primer on how to use them in CSS and JS!

Scan this!

Foobox is a nice-looking, WordPress-friendly, responsive lightbox. Have to admit, I was a little surprised to see a price tag attached to it (what has our world come to that that surprises me?), but the demos are pretty nice

From Paul Irish comes Academic research on browsers, frontend development, and debugging. Go ahead, get all schooly `n shit…

For all you Canary Nightly-build types out there, check all the shizzle coming your way from Abode’s CSS Filter Lab!

Using CSS for your animated height reveal… Sweet…

And finally, this IS the droid I’ve been looking for!

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