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A slew ofreading lists” recently hit the Interwebs… Good stuff for reading by the fireplace as the weather cools outside…

And speaking of outside, wanna bring a little “outside” into your “inside”? How about a moss-covered keyboard? Interesting, but I can’t imagine this being a good idea…

The human-powered helicopter: impressive, but it sure seems like a lot more work than it is worth…

Need a tricorder? There’s an app for that!

Or how about a tractor beam?

A great way to pass notes in CSS class!

Yeah, this had to be out there, didn’t it?

We’ve all seen tons of them, and here’s a nice tutorial on creating parallax scrolling pages. I personally think it’s an awesome technique!

Chris Heilmann‘s presentation from the HTML5 Developer Conference, “Broken Promises of HTML5 and what’s next?

If only I lived in Georgia’s 10th congressional district, I know exactly who I’d be voting for

Um… gas… from from air and water… And this took so long, why??

Paul Irish interviews Hakim El Hattab… Serious meeting of the minds here! (And if you haven’t tripped through Hakim’s collection of demos, you’re really missing out…)

Great collection of CSS presentations, demos and resources, including such hot topics as Flexible Box Layout, Grid Template Layout, Multi-column Layout, Regions, Exclusions and Shapes, and more…

Just a little more on FlexBox, cause I’m so into this…

Your mobile site is slower than you think. Yeah, I’m talking to you.

And finally, I’d be really surprised if this is the first demo like this, but this is the one that I saw, and I do think it’s cool… Even cooler that it worked on FF Mobile on my HTC Desire S with Android 2.3.5…

Happy reading,

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