Monthly Archives: October 2012

Here you go, Facebook, you’re welcome!

Hey, Facebook, how ya doing? Good, good… Um, I love the infinite scroll thing you (and so many other sites) do, but the thing is, it really sucks when, after scrolling down for a while, I decide to actually click … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

A slew of “reading lists” recently hit the Interwebs… Good stuff for reading by the fireplace as the weather cools outside… And speaking of outside, wanna bring a little “outside” into your “inside”? How about a moss-covered keyboard? Interesting, but … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

I’m not usually one to get excited about “someday we’ll be able to” features, but once in a while I let myself enjoy the hard work and vision of what will come, like CSS Shaders! And how cool is it … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

In general, I like modals. I think they’re a great way to get the user’s attention (and are such an improvement over the good-old alert/confirm dialogs of yore), and I think Hakim’s modals are really cool! I’m not sure about … Continue reading

WordPress Plug-in Update: Navigation Menu IDs & Classes

I know it has been a long time since my last update to this plug-in, but version 2.0 finally brings the Admin page I’ve been wanting to add, allowing developers to easily choose which native WP navigation menu item classes, … Continue reading