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In general, I like modals. I think they’re a great way to get the user’s attention (and are such an improvement over the good-old alert/confirm dialogs of yore), and I think Hakim’s modals are really cool! I’m not sure about scaling the background page, but I do really like the idea of blurring the background content, nice touch!

Eagerly awaiting the rest of the Designing for Mobile series!

Like Google Maps’ Street View? Like Scuba diving? Mash-up!

Re-charge your phone while walking! Or while you’re cooking dinner!  Or while you’re playing football (um, that’s soccer to you Americans ;-)

Okay, I think they just went a step too far… If cars that run on french fry oil smell like french fries when you drive… Eww…

We all know that is the go-to source for all things PHP, right? (And we all also know that it is kind of ugly, kills some browsers for some reason, and can be just a “smidge” overboard some times too, right?) So check-out PHP The Right Way. Looks good, easy to read and follow, and seems to cover all the bases…

And speaking of “info hubs”, the web is abuzz with the news of, a new, community-driven, browser-vendor-supported documentation site. Paul Irish gives a really good explanation of why this is such a good thing, and how we can all make it better.

Why not, one more, this time all about JS: JSPro

Great collection of performance tools!

An 18-step series about being healthier and living longer. If you can make time in your busy schedule to, you know, live better & longer…

Absolutely nuts… But then again, who knows, if Da Vinci were alive today, maybe he too would have used box-shadow to paint the Mona Lisa… But I seriously doubt it…

Anybody out there remember email newsletters? Well, kids, it used to be that’s how we got our information, from some kind person that created a collection of information and sent it to us! And here’s a nice flashback to those simpler times, with a subject that couldn’t be more cutting edge in today’s web dev world: Responsive Design Weekly.

Meet filter: drop-shadow(), the box-shadow, for all shapes! says it isn’t too bad, but it does not appear to be testable in Modernizr yet…

I’m going to keep this link handy, so that the next time I think I’m doing something cool or helpful for the world, I can be reminded that absolutely brilliant people out there are some some f-ing amazing-ass shit!

And finally, just in time for Xmas, comes the chess set for any Star Wars nut that you might happen to know… Now if I only gave a rats-ass about chess…

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  1. Robert says:

    You can detect support for CSS Filters in modernizr using the css-filters test:
    Build config

    The test is hidden in the “non-core detects”.

    I am not sure, if all browsers supporting any type of CSS filters also support drop-shadow as a value.

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