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Over the past couple of months, I have noticed a considerable slowing of this site; anyone else notice it? I don’t think I’ve done anything to cause this, so maybe it’s GoDaddy (I know, I know, but I’ve been there so long, I just hate the idea of moving…)? Well I’ve come across two articles that caught my attention, now I just need the time and energy to try them…

Through our mixed histories, I believe we can solve all of humanities problems. This is such a simple solution to landmine-infested areas, that I think the only component missing would be some way to “map” the portions of an area that has been covered, to eventually ensure it is completely safe. Just simply brilliant.

Lessons from nature amaze me. How about self-healing concrete? Thanks, Mother Nature!

A pretty simple grid view thumbnail gallery. Resize your browser to watch the animation flow, then click a thumb to see that gallery expand. Nice animation, nice coupling between JS and CSS.

I really, really love when someone takes the time and effort to document the trials and tribulations we all go through in developing state-of-the-art web experiences. It also makes me feel really, really lame for not doing this myself…

I have not found myself in the need of an email service in some time, but if I do some time soon, Sendy looks like a solid consideration!

Some times I feel like the biggest problem with the Google Chrome Inspector Panel is that it does too much… You need to take a course to find all the amazing things it can do! While not a course, this Nettuts+ article is a good start…

CSS Filters are gonna be fun!

In case you weren’t feeling quite inept enough, have a look at this Google Sandbox, apparently brought to you by the good folks at WeAreHive. Sheesh, kill me now…

How about fuel from plant poop?

Or maybe from glass??

I think I would have titled the article “Responsible Responsive Design”, because that’s  what Tim talks about: responsible ways to build and enhance sites, from mobile to desktop.

Practically any post I see from Divya gets marked for later reading, because they all seem to be chock-full of very cool sh-tuff… Her JSCamp presentation notes are no different.

I’m not sure how I haven’t been exposed to CSS animation steps before, but they seem to be a great way to animate all-things-loopy!

Another quick example, be sure to click the “show sprite” option in the demo.

A pretty fun geography exam, using cool CSS/JS.

No matter how much cheese the video lays on, flying a blimp is simply never going to be as sexy as flying a fighter jet like Top Gun…  What is sexy, however, is 1/3 fuel consumption and being able to deliver goods to exactly where you need them, without the need for runways…

So, it appears that Transformers are on the way, kids!  Smart people freaking amaze me, I just love listening to them talk!

Physics has always seemed beyond my world-scope.  Then this came along.

A cure for paralysis?  Not yet, but this is a “step” in the right direction, and it starts inside a dog’s nose…

Some really fascinating examples of using :checked for page interaction

I was disappointed not to make it to the Smashing Conference, especially since it was only a couple hours south of me, but my schedule just didn’t permit it.  These videos will help soften the blow, though…

I’ve not yet watched all 59+ minutes of this, but come one, 50 Performance Tricks, it has to be worth it, right?

This is one of the coolest tables I’ve ever seen!

And finally, give this a quick read, and if you feel it is important, please open the link at the bottom and sign the petition. The alternative could really suck…

Happy reading,

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