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Absolutely brilliant!

A thought-controlled helicopter. Not sure to be super impressed, or super scared…

The author makes a good case for using this bind method, especially the ability to remove bound listeners and an improvement in efficiency!

Not quite ready for widespread use (currently only Chrome Canary, version 25), but Object.observe will be pretty powerful once it is!

Funny, I had wanted to convert audio files to Data-URIs quite some time ago, but couldn’t quite find a way to do it… But the ability to then store that content offline is really cool!

I’m not sure how well CSS hyphens will work across languages, but, in theory, if your page is declaring its language properly, it should work well! The question then is, do hyphens look good on pages, and will designers be happier with hyphens than with odd line-breaks?

If you ever have a boss/client tell you something to the effect of “the time isn’t right for responsive yet”, just let them know that Prince Charles’ website is now responsive. If that doesn’t get them onboard, I don’t know what will.. ;-P

And since we’re already talking about responsive, a really nice write-up on “the process” of responsive site building; it starts long before the IDE is first opened. (I know it’s auf Deutsch, but if you’re using Chrome it will likely be translated before you realize, and Ellen is kind enough to offer a Google Translate link just below her Social chiclets…

And once we have the basics in place, here’s a seriously deep read on advanced responsive menu designs! While we still don’t have everything we really want, this brings us far closer than any other alternatives we’ve tried, nice job Tim!

@supports is sure to be the way we code progressive enhancement, just as soon as we can reliably use it

With work now dragging me into the world of Git (I know!), things like Sheet are suddenly starting to catch my eye…

HTML5 is no longer what I would call new, but I think it is still new enough (and it has certainly changed enough) that scanning through something like Avoiding common HTML5 mistakes is a good idea…

I had no idea that highlighting a section of an email before clicking Reply replied with just that section of the email… Nice!

And finally, regardless of your politics, this is a really great read on the modern web design, development, and maintenance practices of a high-traffic site. Though I have never worked anywhere that could pull all of this off, it is inspirational that such places do exist… :-)

Happy reading,

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