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Today’s Readings

In our sophisticated, fast-paced, ultra-modern world of email, Twitter and all other things ADHD, I guess it was destined to come to this, and so I have to say, I think DailyLit is an absolutely brilliant idea! Now I gotta … Continue reading

Windows 7 + (Chrome > 17) = WTF?

Update: This has been resolved, see my comment from 2012-Dec-06. And in this special case, WTF stands for: What’s with The Font-rendering… This has happened to me a couple times now, and each time I have filed a bug, waited, … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Meet requestAnimationFrame, the new darling of the web ball… Though getComputedStyle could give her a run for her money… But then there’s also matchMedia… Support for two of them sort of sucks, especially for mobile, so I guess we have … Continue reading