Today’s Readings

Meet requestAnimationFrame, the new darling of the web ball…

Though getComputedStyle could give her a run for her money…

But then there’s also matchMedia

Support for two of them sort of sucks, especially for mobile, so I guess we have the true belle

A motherload of HTML5 resources

Everyone knows I’m a major fan-boy of Paul Irish, so here’s yet another YouTube presentation, chock-full of scrumptious developer goodiness…

An okay article, but the big take-away for me was a really good quote for steering the conversation away from native apps: “URLs don’t open apps”

A pretty slick all-CSS accordion.

Have you seen Google World Wonders yet? Too bad I already bought my airlines tickets to Prague

Man how much did I hate these buggers??? But somehow, this is actually entertaining… Almost…

This was certainly inevitable, but I’m surprised it took so long! :-)

For all my designy-peeps out there, this is what I was talking about

And finally, the Venus Transit certainly held the Interweb in its hands this past week, but here are some of the more magnificent shots I’ve seen of it! There’s even a video (image composite), so get the popcorn ready first! (The music was a bit unnecessary, I think…)

Happy reading,

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