Facebook Timeline Image Fix

This one is a bit trivial, I know, but the way Facebook’s Timeline handles (and butchers) images has annoyed me from the first time I saw it. Example:

Facebook Timeline, before fix
Facebook Timeline, before fix

Notice how both images are cropped? On the left, vertically; on the right, horizontally. And when you click one so you see the whole image, then come back, any scrolling you had done is gone, and you have to scroll all the way back down to find where you just were…

Now, I rarely use the Timeline view, but when I do it bugs me, so the other day, while chowing some lunch at work, I decided to fix it! Example:

Facebook Timeline, after fix
Facebook Timeline, after fix

Notice how you can actually see all of both images?

Want to be able to see all of the images in your Timeline too? Just drag this Bookmarklet to your browser’s toolbar and, every time you load FB Timeline, click the Bookmarklet!
FB Timeline


  1. Tested on Chrome PC/Mac, FF PC/Mac, Opera PC/Mac, Safari PC/Mac, and IE PC, so please let me know if you have any issues anywhere.
  2. As far as I know, dragging-and-dropping the Bookmarklet to your Bookmarks/Favorites Toolbar does not work on Opera or IE, so you’d need to create a standard Bookmark/Favorite and manually change the name and paste the code from the Bookmarklet.
  3. I have attached a listener to cover new images added via FB’s infinite-scroll, but the method isn’t supported by all browsers yet. If that doesn’t work in your browser, click the Bookmarklet again.
  4. Also here: https://github.com/aarontgrogg/facebook-timeline-image-fix
    (Check me out, all Githubbin’!! :-)

K, happy Facebooking/life-wasting, :-)

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