Today’s Readings

One helluva thorough ARIA Tree View research and “how-to” article

A quick and easy, yet still robust, CMS alterative to WordPress? Looks like PyroCMS might be the ticket…

Home light bulbs that connect to the Internet. Not sure how often someone leaves the house without turning a light off, and then somehow realizes it later, but there are other scenarios that could be cool for having these installed!

Not sure how useful is, but it’s interesting to see how many libraries/frameworks there are out there!

And why not, here’s the CSS version!

I’ve noticed lately how surprised I am when I walk up to a wash basin, stick my hands under the faucet, and water doesn’t automatically start flowing; I’m also starting to feel the same when typing in text boxes doesn’t result in suggestions appearing below the text box… typeahead.js, to the rescue…

Thanks for the find, Bruce, despair indeed… :-)

Ready to become a Jedi Master? Okay, how about becoming a JS Master then?

While this article is titled “How To Improve And Refine Your WordPress Theme Development Process“, most of the points could be applied to straight-up web development…

You have to visit this page and scroll down to the demos to appreciate the magic of Packery

Chris Coyier was kind enough to document a series of presentations from the 2013 W3Conf.

And from that conference, here’s a link to the slide deck and video of Ariya Hidayat’s Fluid User Interface with Hardware Acceleration presentation.

Bicyclists: Never get left in a “what the hell just happened” or “it wasn’t my fault, it was yours!” moment ever again!

Something this blog (at least from Germany) suffers from is a terribly slow first-byte. Gonna read Yottaa’s article, see if I can figure it out…

An interesting approach to client projects from Stubbornella, where she pushes everything to Github and encourages buy-in, and tie-in, from the client as early and often as possible.

And finally, I’d say the chances of this guy having a live-in wife are pretty slim… Amazing art, though!

And why not, a finally-bonus, add to this list Bitche, France… :-)

Happy reading,

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