Monthly Archives: January 2012

Why Can’t I Edit JavaScript Files in the WordPress Theme Editor?

Please note that as of WP 4.4, you can now enable editing of JS (or any other file format) via the WP Themes editor! The details are illustrated in the comments below. Thanks to Dmitri for pointing out the new … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

A light afternoon allowed me to try to catch-up a little on some of my reading… A nice approach to presenting information, though somewhat overdone with all the car commercials doing this, but still an eye-catcher! And this is a … Continue reading

Best Online File Comparison Tool

Being formerly of the World of Windows, I was a major fan of WinMerge (read: Like Firebug/Inspector tools, I cannot imagine doing my job without it now!), so I’ve been seriously sucking wind since moving to the Land of Apple… … Continue reading