Today’s Readings

A light afternoon allowed me to try to catch-up a little on some of my reading…

A nice approach to presenting information, though somewhat overdone with all the car commercials doing this, but still an eye-catcher!

And this is a nice, clean-looking implementation, too.

From the clever lads at Clearleft comes Map Tales, where you can “easily create and share map-based stories and embed them into your website for free”. It’s a pretty slick idea, and I love the literary samples, like Around the World in 80 Days or The Odyssey

And speaking of Clearleft, Jeremy Keith presents on a topic very dear to all our hearts, the Internet, and on a point-of-view that I’ve held since I very first heard of “apps”. I’ve been on Jeremy’s band-wagon since the day I learned his name, and he continues to march, in my opinion, in the absolute correct direction for the future of our web.

A tremendous history of Steve Jobs… Be sure to watch the video at the bottom right or the first section… Fave quote: “We’re building tools to amplify the human ability”… Nice…

For anyone familiar with the San Francisco Bay Area, how sweet would this BART be?

How well do you know your films from the 2000s? And yeah, there’s more where that came from

Really fantastic collection of old-time photos & videos! Thanks to Kho Vinh for the initial point. Found this one fascinating, seeing how I’m reading about the history of La Tour Eiffel right now!

I usually don’t like to look at slide presentations without audio, because they just don’t make that much sense. But I guess this one really proves its point, because I think you can actually get it without the audio… (Of course, his presentation notes are at the bottom of each slide, but still… :-)

Happy reading,

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