Monthly Archives: July 2012

How to Do the “Right Thing”

I just read an article from one of my faves, Jeremy Keith, titled How do I convinceā€¦?, and I chuckled to myself several times because it is also something I’ve heard many times, something to the effect of “But how … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Every once in a while it is fun to hop in the WABAC MachineĀ (that’s pronounced “wayback machine”, to you young-uns) and remember what our world was like so, so long ago, back when there were only two browsers to contend … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

When I think of all the butts on couches around the world, I think we just found our greatest renewable energy… I cannot wait to start using box-sizing… How did support get so good without me knowing it??? And as … Continue reading