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Every once in a while it is fun to hop in the WABAC Machine (that’s pronounced “wayback machine”, to you young-uns) and remember what our world was like so, so long ago, back when there were only two browsers to contend with…

This video of a presentation by Nicolas Zakas also has a really cool image, stolen from an Aaron Gustafson article on A List Apart, showing how Responsive Design is really just a peanut M&M…  It’s at about 9:20, if you’re impatient…

And so our distant relative finally start to outsmart us… How far off can Planet of the Apes be now?

Or will it be the trees that start to take over?

How fantastic is this? It’s interesting to see what features are important, or not, in other parts of the world. For example, the phone doesn’t appear to have a browser, but does have FM Radio (and FM Recording?). You go India!

Did you know E.T. was in Star Wars?

And speaking of Star Wars, this might be the geekiest thing you could do to football

We all have our fave IDE, but we should also all be willing to hear about something new, and possibly even give something different a chance. I know I am. You will have heard of most of these, but maybe not a couple others. Any fave of yours not on there? Any reasons you like or dislike something on the list?

The vertical-axis wind turbine makes energy off of the heat raising from urban areas. That’s f-ing brilliant!

Yet more good news for we developers coming from Redmond, WA… You know, if those whipper-snappers keep it up, that little company just might become something one day!

So, apparently there is a hole in Mars???

And speaking of holes in planets, ever thought of digging a hole to China? Of course is directly opposite of every place on Earth, right? Well, no, but now you can find out what is directly opposite of you

Ever been frustrated by the lack of SD card slots or USB ports on your fave tablet/mobile devices? CloudFTP to the rescue…

And finally, ever wondered where Super Heroes go in their golden years? Apparently to Miami, Florida

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