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When I think of all the butts on couches around the world, I think we just found our greatest renewable energy

I cannot wait to start using box-sizing… How did support get so good without me knowing it???

And as exciting as box-sizing is, wait until you get to know (and eventually get to use) flexbox

Might as well stick with “wouldn’t it be cool if” for one more

For those of us entrenched in the world of mobile, lest we forget from whence we came, here’s a quick reminder

The Lampbrella. Just brilliant!!

I’ve always thought Google Maps to be one of the most-powerful, least-utilized Google products, but here is another great use!

And I sense a new Google Doodle coming on…

Want to help cure Parkinson’s Disease? Just make a phone call

Not sure why, but the idea of electric motorcycles never really occurred to me, but there it is!

Hey designy-peeps, ever wonder what tings like Linear Dodge, Pin Light, Hard Mix are actually doing to your graphics in PhotoShop? If so, here’s an explanation

And designy- and devvy-peeps both just might like CSS filters

Begin drool

Raise your hand if you have never had to deal with trying to avoid spammers on some web form on some site at some point in your life… Not a single hand, just as I thought. Well, this seems like quite a simple approach, that doesn’t penalize your site users…

I guess, thinking about it now that I’ve seen it, it had to exist, but wouldn’t it be nice if it didn’t?

This doesn’t have to be just about creating a responsive WordPress Theme, it’s also a nice starter for anyone wanting to get their feet wet with responsive web. Though I do wish the author hadn’t used the terms “Smartphone”, “Tablet”, and “Desktop”, because that sort of goes against the core concept of “responsive” (as in, “respond to whatever device you might find yourself loaded into”); we should be using terms like “small-ish screen”, “medium-ish screen”, and “large-ish screen”… Yeah, those are catchy terms…

So, wait, I thought “Save the Whales” was over… Didn’t we all learn long ago that they’re awesome, awesome creatures, and our oceans need them, and besides it’s simply stupid to kill something when you don’t need to kill in order to survive anymore? Well, I guess not everyone has learned that lesson yet…

And finally, another great tribute to Star Wars from David Eger. Fun. :-)

Happy reading,

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