Today’s Readings

Okay, this will be brief, I just wanted to show a couple really cool articles I recently read…  :-)

First up is a truly inspiring look at a few new HTML5 entities from 24WaysRemy Sharp focuses on two new entities: web storage and offline applications.

I’m personally most inspired by the prospects of web storage.  It’s kind of like a combo of cookies and server-side session variables in that you can now store data on the client across multiple pages!  An unlike most HTML5 entities that are awesome-but-could-never-actually-be-used-because-only-the-most-recent-WebKit-nightly-supports-it, the most amazing thing about web storage is the browser support:

  • Latest: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari (desktop & mobile/iPhone)
  • Partial: Google Chrome (only supports localStorage)

Whaaaaa????  What in the heck is that “Internet Explorer” doing in there??  Wait, does that mean I could actually use this??  On a production site??  Yessiree, Bob!  So check-out Remy’s examples and bathe in the splendor!

The other article is from Ajaxian and is decidedly not like web storage, in that the only place the author could get his techniques to work was in the latest Safari on OSX10.6…  But it is sssssoooooooo cool…  :-)  Check-out the video in the article for a pretty cool (albeit geeky) example of what is yet-to-come from HTML5 and CSS3

As promised, this was brief, happy reading,

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