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Some times it seems like these collections are a complete mess of topics, truly representing the title “non-contextually speaking”, while other times it seems that all the interesting articles out there are about a single topic… Well, today’s readings definitely follow the pattern of the latter…

The release of Google Closure certainly raised questions about Google’s JavaScript coding standards, but it is nonetheless interesting to see “inside their heads“. (It is also interesting to see all the great, different methods for doing so many things I do everyday.)

Like this! I had heard of call, but not apply, and find them really interesting!

And the next time you’re bored and have an extra one or two days to simply sit and read, Sergio Pereira offers a healthy does of JavaScript tips and tricks

Hopefully by now any JavaScript fan knows the name Douglas Crockford and his world-renowned book JavaScript: The Good Parts. Adam Spooner offers in-depth insight into Doug’s book. Great reading points!

Well, I love JavaScript, and I love curry, so when I saw that Dustin Diaz and Dan Webb were writing about JavaScript and currying, I thought they had found a perfect vortex! But as I read Dustin’s article, I realize it isn’t exactly what I thought it was… In fact, I’m not sure I totally get it, but if these guys are writing about it, it must be pretty good, right? So, can anyone out there explain it to my little head? The Wikipedia post about currying did very little enlightening…

I’ve always said performance is king, be it server-side, client-side, image-size, whatever, and now Stoyan Stefanov gives us yet another tool for checking on the performance of our pages. Check it out, it’s pretty interesting!

And now for something completely different

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