Standards.Next: Great Time!

A big fat thanks to Alla, Molly, and all the other organizers of Standards.Next, NYC!

After reading so many posts, articles, quotes, thoughts, and blurbs by the Molly Holzschlag and the Andy Budd, it was great to finally meet them!  And I am sure I totally spooked Paul Irish with the way I kept looking at him, trying to figure out why he looked so familiar… It was because I use his Bulletproof @font-face on this site and because I had just watched his presentation for the jQuery Summit yesterday… :-)

Standards.Next was a great time, though I have to say I was completely put-off by the dudes pitching their non-CSS3-related products during the “lightning round”… Every thought I ever had of using Drupal is GONE, and even though I had never even heard of Snuggly, I can promise, I will never use it either…

Guys: When you’re at a conference about CSS3, talk about CSS3… And Drupal-dude, white-space:nowrap; is not CSS3, no matter what some idiot told you…

Let’s keep it real,

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