Monthly Archives: November 2009

Today’s Readings

Some times it seems like these collections are a complete mess of topics, truly representing the title “non-contextually speaking”, while other times it seems that all the interesting articles out there are about a single topic… Well, today’s readings definitely … Continue reading

Standards.Next: Great Time!

A big fat thanks to Alla, Molly, and all the other organizers of Standards.Next, NYC! After reading so many posts, articles, quotes, thoughts, and blurbs by the Molly Holzschlag and the Andy Budd, it was great to finally meet them!  … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Been a while, eh?  How you all doing?  What a crazy couple weeks it’s been, but, since I find myself oddly wide-awake at 4am, I figured why not catch up on my RSS reading and blog writing, right?  So here … Continue reading