Today’s Readings

Tamura Jones provides a very thorough write-up about Google Chrome Frame.  I am not a fan of the detection and implementation method (i.e. adding a meta tag to every page, just to catch some users, but it is what it is, I guess. I must say, I did get a mild chuckle with each reference to users “using Internet Explorer in lieu of a web browser”…  heh-heh, made me chuckle again…

If you’ve ever questioned the power of the canvas element, have a look at what the good folks at ChemDoodle have come up with…  I found myself just sitting there spinning that Transformer around and around and around…  And playing with the Doodler was fun for a few seconds too, but, sadly, I have no idea what I should type into the MolGrabber to see what it does…  Guess I must have missed Chemistry class the year they talked about molecules…

Anyone not familiar with Dave Artz, should take the time to get familiar with Dave Artz. I had the pleasure of meeting Dave some time back when Alla Gringaus invited him to TII to speak. Dave has some amazing ideas when it comes to improving the speed and efficiency of the web (you can peruse his blog on your own), but here are a couple posts that I found particularly mind-expanding:

And today was pretty darned cool: I got to go to the Yahoo! Developer Network Open Hack 2009!  The high points for me were the talk about YQL, a Douglas Crockford presentation about JavaScript: The Good Parts, and a chance to watch Mr. PHP himself, Rasmus Lerdorf, speak!  How sweet is that??

Okay, long day, happy reading,

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