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If you’re a web developer, I can just about guarantee that you use to do your business, am I right? But I’ll also guarantee that you’ve started getting sick of it too, right? It has gotten soooooooo sssllloooowwwww lately… So, who’s considered the switch to ? Can’t do it, right? Who could possibly develop now-days without , or the ?? Well, SitePoint recently wrote a post about some slick Chrome extensions that just might make you get it a try… And if you feel up to it, you can browse through all of the Chrome Extensions!

You might also keep reading down that newsletter to see an interesting approach to adding rounded borders in old IE versions. Of course there are bug-a-boos, but it is an interesting approach.

Hey… You got your bicycle in my foursquare!  You got your foursquare in my NOAA!  Three great tastes that (could) taste great together! 

Ever wanted to design something as a “hover” for mobile devices?  Well, thanks to Cypress touchscreens, now you can!

Wireframing in Google Docs Drawing?  That’s right!  Who needs desktop applications any more?

Facebook certainly has been in the news a lot this past week (or so)!  Whether it is the Like button, their new bond with Pandora, or the concept of Facebook as a “platform”…  I guess that site is really here to stay…

I’ve always been a fan of accessibility, even if I don’t practice it as well as I know I could.  So I had to take a gander at , a jQuery library to add accessibility to your pages. You can check out a few code examples, and even go shopping for the book (I mean, my birthday is coming up… I’m just saying… :-)

Funny, I was just talking about web hosting during lunch the other day…  I was complaining about how difficult hosts often make simple actions.  Trying to set-up a 301 Permanent Redirect for a client’s site that they have hosted at Network Solutions, and they want to charge $12 per year, per domain, for their “Forwarding Package”…  Ridiculous!  Well now SitePoint tells to take control of the situation and make money to boot by becoming a hosting reseller!  Nice!

Seems every time the phase “HTML5” comes up, the first question is always “yeah, but can you really use any of it yet?”…  Oy…  YES.  :-)  And some smart people, like Mathias Bynens, use jQuery to help us use the new <details> tag  now, before any browsers natively support it (<details> will someday work like the +/- buttons that expand and contract sections of content).  I love these kinds of make-it-work-until-it-works ideas, like Remy‘s IE Shiv… Great stuff…

Speaking of jQuery, I would put in the category of “truly amazing work, but is it really practical?”

I find it amazing that someone can write something to jostle HTML elements around on the page, finding the “best fit” for each, but would you ever want the contents of any of your sites to move around based on the content of each?  Well, maybe, it could be an interesting visual experience for tweets, or a blog landing page… Something where linear or chronological tracking is not important… huh…

And finally, the 40th anniversary of has come and gone… How did you celebrate it? Finally building that compost bin in the back yard? Planting trees in public parks? Weather-proofing your home or apartment? Bicycling or walking everywhere you needed to go? Here’s how Google celebrated Earth Day

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