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A nice CSS3 article from Brothercake showing how to (subtlety) apply text-shadow for a slightly embossed effect.  Now, note, I am not talking about the old-school drop shadow we all hate, that looks like your browser is having a seizure.  Check out his examples, they look pretty slick.

And Craig Buckler gives a brief introduction on how to make your Ajax content Google-able!  You can always take the “full course” if you like…

Have to admit, when I saw the title Which Email Clients Support CSS3? I nearly chuckled out loud…  I expected a chart, and I expected nothing but a LOT of “red Xs”…  I was surprised to see as many “green checks” as I see, but not surprised but which client they’re under.  Short story: stick with <table>s and <font>s…

Wow, for you iPhone owners out there, the Siri app is crazy-cuckoo-pants-cool!  And what’s more amazing?  Apple just acquired them.  Not just the app, of course, but the entire company, employees, specs, know-how, etc…  Scenes from are bounding through my head… “Computer, locate Captain Kirk“…

If you’re interested in @font-face, Jeffrey Zeldman has a new website, The Big Web Show, which offers web-based video interviews. The first installment is Web Fonts with Ethan Dunham of and and Jeffrey Veen of !

Could you imagine if the US actually had cool-ass-looking money instead of crappy-ass-looking money?  That’d be awesome…

Google Search goes even-more international with their virtual keyboard!  Slick idea, as always.

And finally, being from San Francisco, this article about how climate change is likely to affect the Bay Area tugs at my heart strings…  The quote that reads “a 7-inch rise in sea level at the Golden Gate over the past century” is especially fore-boding, and lends extra cred to the prospect that “the U.S. west coast faces sea-level rise of 12 to 18 inches by 2050, and as much as nearly six feet by the turn of the century” (… At least Ahnold is trying something to slow the process…  The good news?  The East Coast isn’t safe either

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