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As always, a few really cool, and a couple little-bit-silly, 3D pagination transitions (click the dots beneath the grid).

And a few more animation transitions, this time for UI components.

Now moving from component transitions to content pagination, a slick approach: pre-loading the next article, letting the just the header be visible at first, as the “next” button, completing the animation, then fetching the next article. All the while providing deep-link URIs.

Cool tip on bypassing Magic Quotes in WordPress, though not without caveats, of course…

I can’t imagine many business-types today still not understanding the value of developing mobile-first & responsive, but just in case you’re working for someone that just climbed out from beneath a large, hard surface, here are some tips to help convince them that this approach is worth the time and money.

Finally, H.264’s quality is coming to open-source!

Terminal, in your Chrome DevTools… Wow.

A number of methods for making your web app be, or at least appear, full-screen. Naturally, it can’t be easy, and no one methods works everywhere, but this is something that I would consider another enhancement, meaning, “it would be great, but isn’t a requirement.”

Browser-sync: a LiveReload that also works on older IEs… You. Are. Welcome. :-)

I have to admit, not since the days of MS-DOS has the Command Line been part of my comfort zone. But quotes like:

Invest time learning to configure your machine and automate processes, you’ll get that time back ten fold”

really make me think it is time to venture back again

So, I should learn more.

I can’t think of any really cool uses for .contains(), but I thought I’d pass it on anyhow… :-)

Based on the über-useful, I want to use is also really quite interesting, letting you choose a feature (or features), see what percent of the web will support that, and break down that percent into browsers and since what version…

I have to say that I think this design is pretty nasty, but the CSS (even with the extraneous mark-up), is a great example of out-of-the-box thinking

Of all things web, forms have to be the bastard-children, right? Nothing makes a developer cringe more than telling them they have to develop a form. Maybe an email newsletter, but that’s it! So, anything I find that makes forms better, I like to share. This one was so intuitive and natural, I didn’t even notice it happening on the demo, I had to go back and watch the animated GIF to see what was supposed to be happening… So, sharing.

Another form improvement: Click-and-drag to select multiple checkboxes. God… Love…

One more for you, to help people type and avoid email typos. I love CSS Tricks…

Fairly useless text effect, I’d say, but cool to look at, and very fun to play with!

Holy shit

CSS Regions: Nowhere even close to being ready to use, but what a wonderful world it will be, when they are

I don’t do a lot of quoting and citing, but when I do, I want to do it in a semantically meaningful way. And it has irked the crap out of me how blockquote and more-so cite were supposed to work. Glad they’ve been corrected.

Maybe I’m just a pessimistic ass, but I somehow don’t foresee everyone on the other end of a Google Helpout being so “cool” and “supportive”… But I hope they are. There, that’s a little more optimistic, right??

And finally, with Christmakwanzakah just around the corner, why not buy that special geek in your life (you know, yourself!) a special set of geeky coffee/tea mugs

Happy reading,

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  1. aarontgrogg says:

    @Alex: Will be awesome once they’re supported well enough to use! I’ve seen a few polyfills try to do it, but none successfully IMO, all have to reply too heavily on JS

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