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A nice primer on the physics of animation, including one more attempt to try to figure out which direction ease-out and ease-in go…

I know some people are sick of hearing about flexbox, but the ease with which responsive grid layouts can be created is not to be underrated!

Night-vision goggles are a mainstay in any sci-fi-military type movie, but how about night-vision contact lenses?

And if that isn’t cool enough, how about a robotic kangaroo that is controlled via a wristband? Sure, why not.

Google has added a new set of tools to its Cloud Platform.

Brunch… compiles your scripts, templates, styles, lints them, wraps the scripts and templates in common.js / AMD modules, concatenates scripts and styles, generates source maps for concatenated files, copies assets and static files, shrinks the output by minifying code and optimizing images, watches your files for changes, notifies you about errors via console and system notifications

Then it does your laundry, walks the dog, makes your morning cappuccino, and carries you to work while you finish sleeping. Wow!

Not sure what the practical uses for GridList are, but the the demo sure is fun to play with!

You buying into web components yet?

If you said no, you need to get to know them better

The largest collection of 007 cars“… [drool…] :-)

Geeky jokes are always cool, right? Right??

A pretty cool frosted-glass CSS filter effect. Initially, I would have thought this would be easy, using a simple background rgba, but then you wouldn’t get the blur, which is key to helping make the text more readable.

Keeping with CSS Tricks for another second, [Chris Coyier] offers a new take on how to scale your font-sizes sitewide, mixing px, rem and em. It does make sense…

Small-scale wind-generator, based on the reverse-engineering of a bird’s wings… Awesome! And, fittingly, probably a lot less likely to take-out birds than the typical huge propeller-type wind turbines!

Designs that use 3D and the z-index. It’s a great concept, especially how different parts of the “page” (but really the app/site) can scale and transition independently of one another…

And finally, best… coffee… mug… ever…

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