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Well, the news has certainly cycled around by now, but it was announced just as I was pushing the Publish button on the last Today’s Readings post: IE6 is no longer supported by MicrosoftGüte Nacht

What? I have to wait 30 seconds to charge my phone???

A doctor saves a man’s life by using Google Glass during surgery. Now that is the kind of use I have to imagine Sergey and Larry were imagining when they envisioned Glass…

How and why to create style guides, one of the often skipped-over aspects of a large project. Sure could have used it for the most recent project at work… :-/

And then and present a case-study on creating and developing based on Style Guide Driven Design, as well as discussing some end-benefits. Really great approach!

A nice case study for a Unicef web app, using several JavaScript hardware APIs.

Very cool circular submit/progress buttons!

And some nice CSS transition animations for selected elements. My wife actually had a great idea for something similar to one of these, to have a modal appear to zoom out from the element you clicked to trigger it.

From this list of 11 great WordPress plugins for designers I found these two particularly interesting:

  1. Manual Image Crop, to create custom crops of images as you add them to the Media Library, and
  2. Easy Pricing Tables, to create pricing tables

I don’t know why I have such a soft spot for maps, but I do, and always have. This update to Google Maps makes creating infographics much easier! Be sure to check-out the demo. Wow, California, right up there with Texas and… Mississippi, huh? Oof…

Um, did anyone else know that <a href="sms:"> is a thing? And some times even <a href="sms://+12125551212">?? And maybe even <a href="sms://+12125551212?body=I%27m%20interested%20in%20your%20product.%20Please%20contact%20me.">??? Come on!

And finally, for the Star Wars fan who has everything, including far too much money, the life-size Han Solo in carbonite, for your very own home…

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  1. Stephen says:

    Hi Aaron,
    That first link is messed up. It’s going to

    You need to delete the “post.” string.

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