Today’s Readings

Quite a collection of quirks and resources regarding touch/pointer/mouse events across a plethora of devices, browsers, and interfaces.

Video presentation on JS scope and this; this is another of those “you can always find something you didn’t know or forgot videos for me…

Which leads nicely into trying to fake private and public methods in JavaScript.

And once you have all your fancy JS up and live, demonstrates how to use Google Analytics to track errors, regardless how unlikely they may be… ;-)

Does adding bike lanes make traffic slower? No, if done right, and in fact, can reduce the number of cars and make the sidewalks and streets safer. Duh.

As developers, we’re often accused of being mean, but what we might really need is BMEAN. It adds Breeze to the MEAN development stack, which adds client-side caching to the stack. This lets the author create an offline-first app that syncs with the DB when able. Pretty slick mash-up!

Detailed walk-through for using flexbox as the layout for a chat app. (Note that this is not a functioning chat app, this is just about using flexbox for the layout.)

And speaking of flexbox, have you met Flexplorer yet? Awesome! Be sure to scroll down and check the code as you make changes; what a beautiful monster flexbox is…

Ever want to animate a cork-screw, loopty-loop roller-coaster? Well, it’s not so hard, with SVG… Oh, and probably other, useful things too… ;-)

Speaking of SVG, a whole slew of CSS clip masks that you can use with SVG (some times).

Do you know your Git? I certainly don’t as well as I’d like, and I guarantee you can find something on this GitHub cheatsheet that you didn’t know, or your money back…

The Magic of CSS is am amazing know-it-all and teach-it-all wrapped-up-in-one…

How many of these programmer replies are you regularly guilty of? I can personally claim several… ;-)

Make your list items cooler.

Also Much cooler form labels

And finally, I made a lot of things out of cardboard when I was a kid, but never anything anywhere close to this stuff

Happy reading,

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