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So, let’s start off with a little science! :-) Inside of an accelerating vehicle, which direction would a helium-filled balloon move: in the direction the car is accelerating, or the opposite? Find out, and why.

How’s your CSS vocabulary?

I don’t remember Google I/O websites from years past, but this one is pretty cool, and more than just a little fun to play with

Ever need to filter or sort 100s of 1,000s of items in the browser? Me neither, but if we ever do, PourOver says they can help…

What about animated drop-shadows? Still, me neither, but Shine.js is at least fun to play with! And I could actually see using this for a main header or logo.

Impressive 3D solar system!

A case study for Unicef’s Tap web app. Many tips for dealing with mobile devices & browsers.

Not all that surprising, I think, but always a nice to see reasons explicitly listed why SVGs are so much better than icon fonts

Great news recently that the PictureFill polyfill has been updated to use the actual picture and source elements, and it should work in all browsers… Love!

And in other news from the Filament Group, comes PoliteSpace, an unobtrusive, accessibility-friendly method for creating input masks. I get the why, but would argue that, as a user, I want it to work exactly the opposite, where the formatting is there when I’m focused on the box; after that, I could care less what it looks like. But again, I get why they did it the way they did it, and it is for the greater good.

Vertical alignment: most hated CSS requirement ever? Well, here are four solutions to try to help. table-cell is probably best known, and works great, when you can use it. Flexbox is certainly the newest, and is probably the one most people will (and should) use. But the vertical-align and transform methods are not very practical, unless you know for sure that the text will never wrap…

And speaking of flexbox (as I so often do!), learn it in 5 minutes!

Did you know that an element with visibility: visible inside of something that has visibility: hidden will be visible? I did not…

What date format do you use? Well, if you live in one of these “many” red countries you do it like MM-DD-YYYY; those “other” countries apparently do something weird different… ;-P

The Right to Free Speech: Protecting you from your government, not giving you a guarantee to be loved (and paid) regardless of how fat-headed you are and how much stupid shit falls out of your mouth.

If you’re not already familiar with , get to know him! You’ll be glad you did…

Need/Want to copy code and paste it somewhere else, with all the highlighting you already have set-up in your IDE? Well, if you use Sublime Text and Keynote, you’re in luck.

A new approach to managing z-index, borrowing from game development, and making heavy use of CSS preprocessors. Beauty!

And finally, with more than a little home-sick-for-New-York, browse through some classic NYC numbers, and have a look at an attempt to revise NYC’s infamously impossible to decipher parking signs… Thanks, , for the nostalgic heart-tug… :-)

Happy reading,

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