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Back from a nice little holiday, rested and relaxed, so it’s a perfect time to dive right back into reading and writing!

From comes this Advanced Typography and Layout Challenge. Without looking, how would you do it (be sure to read the requirements)? Once you have your idea, look at how Dudley did it; how close were you? Only change I would have made would be adding the “.” after the “No” abbr via generated-content, but then I guess you could argue whether that period lends any semantic value to the abbreviation…

When testing responsive sites, it’s important to look at it on a bunch of different screen sizes. While I don’t like the concept of designing for specific devices or screen sizes, Responsinator is a pretty nice implementation.

And Dimensions looks pretty cool too! Great feature set.

Speaking of responsive, really great run-down on implementing srcset and picture by .

And just one more responsive bit: Need help justifying the cost to learn and implement this stuff to those that are paying the bills? You got it.

I agree: Great use of Twitter!

Parallax. That fad has finally passed, right? Okay, maybe not. Here’s a nice how-to, complete with Do’s and Don’ts.

<rant>And why do we write that like that? I get the Don’ts part, but shouldn’t it just be Dos? It’s plural, not possessive, right??</rant>

Great demo and walk-through of a CSS-only morphing menu button!

I would be completely lost without reminder emails! I send them to myself all the time, including in the middle of a conversation with someone, because I know if I don’t send it now, I will never remember to do what I told that person I would do… Can’t wait to try ‘s Remind app.

Wow, a wireless transmitter about the size of a grain of rice… The article talks of the medical implications, which is certainly where it should be used first, but we will also surely see this in all wireless situations before long!

How well do you know HTML5’s meter element? I was quite excited recently to be able to use it in a project, and I based a lot of my implementation on this CSS Trick’s article. Now this article adds a bit more to the topic.

I’ve written about a lot of alternative device charging options, but Modulo is possibly the slickest. The video spends far too much time trying to be cute, but you can bounce through pretty quickly to get the idea. (And while the article title mentions a hand crank capability, that isn’t mentioned anywhere in the video, so, not so sure about that…)

Are you creating bugs for yourself and your users by using event.stopPropagation(), event.preventDefault() or even return false? Appears we can do that better.

And finally, are you concerned about climate change? What if we’re all just wasting our time… ;-)

Okay, gonna keep it short this time around, just back and all, so…

Happy reading,

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