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A lot of this is well over my head, but when I read that it could help bring about levitating cars, my interest was peaked… ;-)

Here are several great ways to not replace jQuery… Erm, thanks?

Befuddled by WordPress’ load process? No more, thanks to this handy-dandy, printable diagram! Now if someone would only do one of these with all the hooks & actions added… And then somehow make it readable…

Typography is a dark science to me: far too many “bits and pieces” to learn, memorize, and remember how to use. Therefore, I find it totally fascinating! And here’s another fine example of those bits and pieces

Grow veggies from plastic water bottles. There’s even a convenient video to show just how easy it is.

:target is probably the most out-of-the-box powerful, but under-utilized, pseudo selector. I love using it to highlight deep-link destinations, but here is a clever way to completely alter a page’s appearance.

Painting a bright and sunny picture (sorry…) of the current state of affairs for the responsive images.

And a slightly more dismal portrait of the same state of affairs

Which led to this interesting approach to solving the issues before the front-end.

And also raised the idea of using client-side solutions “only if… you can get your CMS to manage the mark-up for you”, which made me think that a WP shortcode/plugin that converted the native img tag into a picture tag would be really cool, which made me search the Internet for said shortcode/plugin, which made me really surprised because I couldn’t find such a thing… Could that be possible? Doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to combine WP’s native upload options, with their simple naming conventions…

And speaking of new HTML elements, here is a deep-think into what is needed in order to be able to create custom HTML elements.

Wow, a lot of “deep” links this time around… This one is for a tried-and-true HTML element, the good old SVG! The article is supposed to be targeted toward designers, but I would guess most devs could find it interesting too.

And finally, the somewhat-happy ending to one of the many tragic tales from WWII: the discovery of of approximately $1.35 billion worth of seized art, and the attempt to return those works to their rightful owners.

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  1. Sean says:

    I’ve seen a number of WordPress plugins for the picturefill polyfill, for example, but i’m not sure if any have been updated to use the new version of picturefill yet

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