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Naturally, the next logical step to take when world powers disagree politically is to lash-out at something completely unrelated… “Fine, if you don’t like the way I treat my neighbors, then you can’t play with my rockets anymore!

Which means NASA astronauts might want to bookmark this video for regular replay on their big screen TVs

Everybody hates HTML tables, right? Well, here are a few tools to try to make working with them suck just a little less

And here are a few plugins that might help too…

Flexbox. Yes, again. So powerful, yet so daunting… All that new stuff to learn! Well CSS Tricks is here to help, with probably the best intro I have seen yet.

SVGs are awesome, no question, but they get a bad rap for their lack of accessibility. Here are a few extra steps you can take to make the situation better.

And in another line of a11y, anyone else completely unfamiliar with window.Intl.DateTimeFormat? Albeit a JS way of doing things, it is impressive-looking! And while the support is not great, it also isn’t terrible (even though the table makes no reference to mobile), being JS it is easily test for and use when available.

I guess it’s your lucky a11y day! What about making your site work better on touch devices?

Going back to SVGs for a moment, cause I know you really want to, SVG sprites will someday be a cool thing, right? How about today?

A ground-up, though surprisingly-deep, article regarding security settings for WordPress files. Make sure your site is set-up correctly to avoid those nasty hacks…

Morphing buttons. Awesome. I typically like a few of the options on these types of demos (like these Progress Buttons or these buttons (which do get better as you scroll down)), but I actually love all of these! Of course, would need to see how they handle mobile browsers, but all cool nonetheless!

The updated PictureFill polyfill certainly made the rounds over the past couple weeks, but just to make sure we all saw it, it also covers the current state of picture and srcset pretty nicely.

Nothing makes something strike home like an image. Or in the case of climate change, seeing the future of your favorite city “live” via Google Maps

And speaking of favorite cities, this site made me pretty nostalgic for one of mine…

Your website should stop doing this right now (pt. 1) Couldn’t agree more with all the items in part 1, can’t wait for part 2!!!

Make navigation easier for your users. Part 1: Information Architecture, Part 2: Navigation Systems.

Just in case you’re interested: Standards for Web Applications on Mobile: current state and roadmap. Web standards docs would be so much more fun to read if their websites didn’t look so horrible… Would a little CSS kill ya??

We all love those little “call-out” arrows that stick out of one side of an overlay, right? But a pain in the ass to code each and every time, right? No more. Only thing I would add is allowing the user to define the class name…

And wow what a difference a user-interface can make! See any “subtle” difference between the above arrow generator and this checkbox generator site? I have no idea how to proceed here, other than clicking the little “x” in the browser window…

Although IE Conditional Comments are nearly dead, you might still need them once in a while. And if you do, is here to make sure you know them as well as possible.

I’m not sure why someone would want to hide the “arrow” in a select element, seems like a bad UI practice to me, but I do like seeing the tenacity of some developers to find ways of doing something. Period.

AA-batteries… that are rechargeable… via a USB jack… If this is real, it’s pretty damned slick!

Hmm: In-ear, wireless, rechargeable Bluetooth headphones from JBL… $80 sounds pricey, more-so when I hear the batteries only last about 5 hours, but the convenience-factor makes them pretty tempting…

Especially for biking, which leads us to getting our bike properly set-up. Great 7+ minutes!

And since we Americans need a dedicated week to try to get us to bike to work, let’s get that marked down and get ready for that too!

BrowserSync makes your workflow faster by synchronising URLs, interactions and code changes across multiple devices. It’s wicked-fast and totally free.

Combine that with “Get started in 5 minutes” and it seems well-worth trying!

App-to-app linking. Is this a good thing? Or just further ripping our beloved Internet into disparate pieces? I guess it depends on how you use it…

And finally, speaking of apps, here is the perfect solution to making the installation, loading, and viewing of apps much, much faster & easier

Happy reading,

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