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From the maker of iScroll, , comes the WP plugin to let you easily add cross-device “add to home screen” functionality to your website.

You don’t have to be a hippy or a pothead to recognize the benefits of a hemp industry.

While reading something on the web, have you ever wished you knew how much longer this thing was going to drag-on? You don’t have to answer that… A new guest-post on CSS Tricks offers a solution: the reading position indicator. I’ve been using one for years; it’s called the scroll bar… ;-)

How many dashes are there? Find out, and collect them all!

Got LESS? Then here is a plethora of LESS mixins to help get your day started.

Ever notice that along with responsive layouts, changing font-sizes for different screen-sizes really makes sense too? Well it does. But I think Responsive Measures might be a little overzealous. I’ve always found breakpoints to be a good enough method…

A nice ground-level intro to using Grunt for recurring tasks.

And if you’re going to use Grunt, you might also want to get to know Node better, too.

I’ve discussed before how much I love maps. Now we can draw bubbles on our maps! Come on, it’s for science!

When you need to debug some performance issue on a site, how deeply do you dig? Learn how to dig seriously deep, with DevTools’ Frameviewer.

Pull-and-zoom. Cool effect.

We all know responsive images are hard. And those massive header images that you see atop some sites are really tricky as well, especially if you need to keep some part on-screen, or centered, or something. offers several header image options, and the CSS solutions for each.

If you’re in need to design inspiration for some side-nav project coming up, here is apparently every variation ever created

And in the same line of thought comes a collection of motion animation ideas.

And if that is all too much for you, maybe take several steps back and check-out these basic animation options.

For anyone that still gets designs as PSDs and output actual web assets, Adobe has a new Beta project for you: Project Parfait. Looks somewhat annoying, but certainly would be a time-saver.

Got Bootstrap? Need flat? Get Bootflat.

On the market for a domestic robot? Me neither, but this is a pretty fun read, nonetheless.

A hubless bicycle that folds down to the size of an umbrella! Or, actually, nothing even close to that size, unless you only look at it from one specific angle, and ignore the hubless wheels after you remove them from the frame… :-/

Ever have to (or want to!) refactor the crap out of a CSS file, but you want to make sure you don’t break anything, right? Well offers CSS Diff, to create before-and-after screenshots so you can easily compare for unwanted variations. But what if that CSS file could possibly affect several pages, or the entire site? Guess you would need to create several test pages and view several animated GIFs. Still better than doing it manually!

Three techniques for quick (read: lazy) web app development and updates.

A cool read from the man that literally built Star Wars

And finally, can you tell the difference between a computer and a refrigerator?

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