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After the URL-hub-bub from earlier this week, offers his take on the issue, stating that URLs are already dead. Going beyond the security issue that Jake talks about (which I don’t think is really fixed by this change), and beyond the URL-permanence issue that Jeremy is concerned with (which I don’t really think is an issue), Nicholas brings up the issue that makes this change really make sense: it’s a better experience for the user.

Sooner or later (likely sooner) we all need social icons. And if you’re at all like me, you’d rather just use a normal hyperlink than add all their individual crap into your pages. But without their crap in your page, where do you find similar icons that will match your design? PerfectIcons is here to help, offering a fantastic GUI to add and remove icons from your set, and customize the look, URL, and even hover effect!

Front-end developers hopefully like finding new ways to do stuff. Well, here are 8 Tips To Become A Better Front End Developer. Give it a scan, you never know what you’ll find!

Do you add <a href="tel:...">...</a> around telephone numbers in your content? Your mobile users will surely appreciate it if you do. And here are a few simple tricks to make that number look better and be easier for those users to use.

Nice :hover transitions for figure/figcaption.

As a follow-up to her CSS Shapes 101 article, offers Moving Forward with CSS Shapes. While advanced use-cases of neither shapes nor regions are ready for prime-time just yet, it is exciting to think about what is coming!

Science fun! How Big is the Moon?

Science fun too! What happens when you pour beer in a hot pan?

And science not-so-fun… Remember way back when we used to have that global warming issue? Oh wait…

Ever animate an element with text inside of it? Ever notice how crappy that experience looked? did, so he went about finding the solution

Okay, maybe adding a POJS event listener that is looking for an a tag that is wrapped around an inline SVG isn’t all that common of an issue, but when you do it and come across the issue that found, you’ll be glad you read his article

7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with CSS, by . Okay, I actually did a few of them, but not all, so I will not ask for my money back…

Codio: “The World’s Most Powerful Web IDE”… “Client-side, Server-side”… “supports almost any programming language”… Wow…

But what about Atom?

For any developer that has build something that gets consumed by mobile devices, device orientation is nothing new, right? Portrait, landscape, yup, got it. Well what about 3D device orientation? Wha????

And finally, if you are at all into comics, as I am, then the news of the Marvel Comics API at least caught your attention, if not imagination. I was waiting to see what people would do with it. And was duly impressed with Ultimate 75th. Sadly, many of the heroes only say “No information about this hero!” when selected, but the site itself is cool-looking, and well worth a look!

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