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Um, did you know that LESS can process JS during the build process?

Okay, time to get our SVG on!

  • From CSS Tricks comes SVG use with External Source: For maintaining SVGs as separate files, so they cached across pages, but then they’re also in the DOM, so they’re traversable and CSSable!
  • And within that cachable, travesable, CSSable external file, you can use a text node, which is actually text, so it’s still traversable and CSSable, but also indexable, accessible and scalable!
  • Or you could use a symbol node to makes using SVG sprites a whole-lot easier and offers the ability to make them more accessible!
  • But what if you plan on generating really fancy SVGs, using something like Raphaël.js, Highcharts or D3, which are generated on the front-end? Well, you could just create them on the server instead!
  • Or maybe you want to go old-school and throw in something like an SVGified image map!

Some cool responsive email tips from , but probably the best tip comes in the last paragraph: “If you want production-ready, I’d probably use Email Blueprints by MailChimp” ;-)

Solar Roadways have raised more than $1 million on Indiegogo to pursue the extremely ambitious goal of replacing the nation’s roads with solar panels.

How freaking cool would that be??

Now give me an all-electric, self-driving car that can get power from the road as it drives, and I would be one happy puppy!

How many of these 7 steps to better JavaScript do you follow in your code?

The AT&T Mifi Liberate:

On average I got about 9 Mbps down and 11 Mbps up in my testing, spectacular for any mobile hotspot.

Spectacular, indeed!

We should stop fighting with native form element appearances and simply accept native looks.

Or… crank out some Fancy input!

And add some fancy after-selection effects!

An interesting approach to modular / object-oriented CSS patterns & selectors.

From Google Developers, how to create custom touch gestures, across all devices, and how do I keep it looking good and working well.

Really thorough and lengthy intro-through-fairly-high-level Guide to Git.

I’m pretty sure we all use this in our CSS now, right?

* {
  box-sizing: border-box;

Is it a good idea to also add this?

* {
  overflow: auto;

This is some strong support for it

25 pro tips to breathe new life into your CSS. Some practical, some cool new design ideas.

JS-free off-screen navigation. checkbox to the rescue!

These definitely use JS, but I wonder how difficult merging the two would be…

Working on a project using your localhost but want to show your progress to the client? Gotta upload, right? Maybe not

A couple automated performance tests:

29 Star Wars Facts You Probably Don’t Know.

Making pagination more accessible with keyboard shortcuts. Love!

[y]ou need 14 lines of HTML if you want a favicon that works across devices and resolutions.


Superhero.js: Creating, testing and maintaining a large JavaScript code base is not easy — especially since great resources on how to do this are hard to find. This page is a collection of the best articles, videos and presentations we’ve found on the topic.

How much can you build with a single div?

Phở Devstack: Automated workflow for front-end developers in one tasty bowl of code.

I write a lot about SVGs, and that’s cause they’re awesome! Now grab an SVG gradient and animate that bugger!

And finally, with the anniversary of D-Day having just passed, I found these interactive before-and-after photos quite poignant… (Actually, I guess they’re really more “during-and-after”, but you get it; wait for them to load, then click each photo.)

Happy reading,

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