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So, WAI-ARIA role, state and property information has been added to each page of the W3C HTML specification. This is supposed to make ARIA easier to use. And I guess it does, but I think applying some design to that spec would be the real help…

Got data visualizations? Got them on mobile?? A super collection of examples and best practices has been prepared for you.

And since you’ll likely need a map for those mobile visualizations:

smallworld.js is a utility for generating map overviews using GeoJSON and HTML Canvas. The utility has no dependencies, weighs ~5kb (sans GeoJSON), and also comes with a simple wrapper to use with jQuery or Zepto.

And for any images you might need to support those visualizations: is a powerful online tool for reducing drastically the size of your images and photos whilst maintaining a high quality with almost no difference before and after compression.

Lest yee think that CSS gradients are only useful for fading a couple of colors together, like on a button, have a look at this gallery of very ambitious gradient patterns! Most are a bit over the top, but as usual, this type of gallery is meant to stir the imagination.

How do you handle CSS naming conventions for large projects (or small ones, for that matter)? Have a look at these simple naming & nesting guidelines, maybe they can help.

CSS Filters promise to be provide a huge benefit to web design! Even though they are not yet common-place, they can totally be used as enhancements right now!

Then there’s layering fonts. Again, most of these examples are pretty extreme, but some are actually pretty cool, and all are meant to inspire the imagination!

Trying to solve localization using CSS and JavaScript. I’m not crazy about adding extra mark-up to my page, or having to rely on JavaScript for my i18n, but the methods are intriguing.

Big saving from a couple image optimization apps. Anyone use either of them before?

And finally, the other day my Gmail encountered a problem:
Do you think James Bond was the problem, or is he who they’re calling to fix it??

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