Today’s Readings

A nice run-through on Structuring, Grouping, and Referencing in SVG.

Then dive a little deeper into SVG with SVG Design Patterns!

Chrome has add a few new cool features to its Offline mode.

Bike riders: Ever get a flat tire? (It’s like asking “Humans: Ever breathe air?”) A new gizmo called Patchnride acknowledges that “flat tires suck,” but aims to make them “suck less,” by helping you patch the tire, without removing it, in less than 60-seconds. Though, you do have to find the hole and be able to insert their device into that hole, then you do still have to manually inflate the tire again, but it definitely does look cooler than the old, standard patch method…

A new Google Maps-based game, called SmartyPins, let’s you learn while you travel around!

table-layout: fixed;. Awesome!

Finally, an actual use for Yo: Find out if your server is down!

Everything you need to know about CSS for images.

Indeed phones and tablets are less than ideal for doing dev work, but these iOS apps might make some tasks more doable.

Another great presentation by titled Pixels are expensive, but the first major header is a bit more apt as a title, I think: What Developer Need to Know About Webpage Rendering. Either way: watch, learn and put into practice!

Some fancy-ass, CSS-only, 3D animated text.

What do you get when you combine donkeys, Turkish sheepherders, and solar panels? Apparently the Internet.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin on stage together for an intimate interview. I remember the Excite search engine… I used it for about 3 days… Then I found out about Google… :-/

Free download of Mobile Design Patterns book.

Crazy table of all HTML elements that have ever been, what versions included them, and links to their W3C spec.

And here are several options for customizing that ugly select element.

And if you’re bored with all the existing HTML elements, why not start making your own!

Deb.js is impressive even before you see that it is only 1.5kb, or that you can add it to any page by using their Chrome Extension! Been looking for something like this for some time!

And now for a responsive web blow-out sale!

Maybe you want a new responsive theme to get started with on some new project? How about Bootstrap 386? It’s a classic look…

And finally, Mr. Potato Head R2-D2 Action Figure… `nuff said??

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