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From Tuts+ come two articles regarding WordPress development:

Both appear to be the beginning of a series by the author, so expect to see the next posts here soon! :-) And as usual with such pages, there is great information for beginners, but there is also always something for the expert as well·

Asynchronously load CSS and JS with, well, loadCSS and loadJS, from the Filament Group.

I’ve said it before, and will likely say it again: I love . His writing is easy to read, and it’s nearly always spot-on with something I want to read about. So, his Compendium of SVG Information is right up my alley. I mean, it’s a freaking compendium, people! :-)

Ten CSS One-Liners to Replace Native Apps, from . (Spoiler alert: None of these are, or will be any time in the near future, ready for use. But the future’s always fun to think about…)

From SitePoint come three articles that deal with measuring performance of your code, page, and assets, via JavaScript:

But is three APIs really enough? How about three more?? Meet Web Alarms, Presentation, and Standby.

And as long as we’re talking about performance, let’s hear from the master, , in his presentation from Velocity 2014: Advanced performance tooling in Chrome DevTools.

Try a bike map app that shows the best routes for the whole world

And once you have the best route, you need the best commuting bike to ride it!

Use command line? Forget commands?? Just ask Betty.

Intimidated by SVG code? I am, a little bit: first of all, I’m no designer, so creating something in the first place is a bit beyond me, and second of all, that code is just nightmarish-looking… is here with an online SVG Editor to try to make SVGs easier to edit.

And if the SVG you’re editing is an SVG sprite, and you’re concerned about it not working in all browsers, first of all, you’d be smart to be concerned, but second of all, there’s a polyfill for that! :-)

Some fun with JavaScript and dates

Erm, Sense.js has some pretty damned cool mobile sensor features…

Two very cool CSS-only form validation techniques!

OMG, how I have wanted DOM Flags when I’m working in Weinre for remote debugging, but I’m afraid, as is, it doesn’t solve the biggest problem it could overcome (unless you have access to the source code): persistence after reload (when the Elements panel refreshes and collapses, and you have to expand your way back to the element you were inspecting). Wonder if localStorage could help with that…

Fantastic RWD performance audit, walk-through, critique, and solution planning, from , on his own site. I love, love, love when authors not only show the problems they find, but also options on how they can solve those problems. It’s like watching someone else’s mind work… :-)

And as long as we’re talking about RWD and performance, this is a nice kick-in-our-collective-pants to change our mindset from “Mobile First” to “Performance First”. Like.

Anybody using Emmet? Well, if you are, here is a nice little shortcut reminder list.

And finally, love this screengrab on web security… Man, if you un-ordered enough books, you’d be rich! :-)

Happy reading,

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