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FixMyJS “aims to automatically fix linting errors in a non-destructive way”… Seriously impressive!

There is a change in the iOS8 scroll event that you should be aware of…

Is a JS library that generates responsive stylesheets a good idea? You decide…

Microsoft has a new WYSIWYG… Can’t be any worse than FrontPage, can it?

Everything You Need to Know About HTML’s ‘pre’ Element

Now if someone can please just explain to me why I can’t put HTML tags inside of pre tags…

And now everything you need to know about @font-face, including the difference between content fonts and icon fonts, and what to do differently for each.

jQuery obviously gets a lot of things right, but animation has never been its best quality. Learn a few simple options for using CSS animations instead of jQuery animations.

discusses the process of change and shares his new workflow (part 1).

Tired of always schlepping my belongings on my back while biking, I recently invested in a set of panniers. And as soon as they arrived I realized how much weight they added to my ride, not to mention the need to remove the bag every time I stop anywhere with my bike (for fear of them being stolen). This seems like a simple solution to both of these issues

We all know repaint is a totally evil bastard, right? And that it should be avoided at all costs, right? But how do you know if the CSS you’re using will cause a repaint? Well, has made CSS Triggers to help you out… And for a thoroughly nerdy conversation about the website & topic, he even recorded a video about this topicfree book Mobile & Multi-Device Design: Lessons Learned.

And finally, keeping it short and sweet for this Friday issue (and I do hate to make you actually think on a Friday), this is an interesting proposal about a new kind of conference, or at lest adding some new topics to already existing conferences… Anyone interested?

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