Today’s Readings

Did you know you could add a datalist to (nearly) any input? Neither did I…

From comes his The Things Browsers Can Do presentation. Fun stuff, and guaranteed a few surprises!

Interesting idea: a full-page menu

Triggering JavaScript Actions With CSS Media Queries. Slick…

And once you have that set-up, Dudley show you how to move elements around based on media queries.

The Godfather of JS, Mr. , offers an update to his JavaScript: The Good Parts, with JavaScript: The Better Parts.

Not completely unlike the “good parts” and “better parts” comes Web Components: The Right Way

And once you’ve got all the “right ways” to do things, why not spend some time at the spa? Er, Single Page App, that is, using those fancy web components

Two methods for creating gradient borders. I could see this being very useful, with better colors, or course… ;-)

If, like me, you dig maps, then you, like me, will dig Beautiful Maps

Great demo page for all the various cursor types you can use! Not all supported everywhere, of course, but as a progressive enhancement, could add a nice finishing touch.

Speaking of progressive enhancement-type finishing touches, these subtle hover effects are quite nice, I think.

And lest yee thinks “progressive enhancement” is just for “those hippy developers”, points out that Google is now watching, too

Turned on to JSCritic by my friend ; I can see why he liked it, pretty awesome!

Practical, schmactical, I say! Shape blobbing is straight-up fun!!

Have to admit, I don’t think of SVG when I think of “what could fit inside a pocket-guide?” But here it is

As long as we’re talking about animating SVGs:

Walkway: An easy way to animate simple SVG elements.

Back to once again to learn how to easily concatenate WP Theme & Plugin CSS and JS files, and when it makes sense to do so.

Responsive Issues Community Group. The next frontier…

And finally, may of you will be too young to remember a decade we called “the 80s”, but this is what it might have been like, if two time periods had collided

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