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I read through ‘s LazySizes pretty thoroughly and it seems really great! Providing lazy-loading functionality for anything with a special class (lazyload by default, but you can change that), that reacts to the element’s parent’s size, uses standard HTML and data attributes, and promises to be “jank-free at 60fps”. Well worth a deeper look!

A few gotchas from mobile development from . All worth knowing about. Wish there were a better way to keep track of things like this. Like, in my IDE, in the form of “hints”… :-)

So, on top of those few little items, here is an entire deluge of tips for everything from Sublime Text, Sass, CSS, Terminal and more. Good luck.

Great work-around for styling radio elements without killing accessibility!

rel="mention". New to me. But sounds fun!!

In case you haven’t already heard about, and fallen in love with, the lobotomized owl selector, please do so now…

Although I have yet to implement any flexbox layouts myself, I absolutely love that you can do things like this dynamic photo gallery so easily

And as much as I already love flexbox, I’m pretty sure I am going to grow to love grid layout just as much

Or, you could just use display: table

Although I am a LESS-man by fate, I could easily switch to Sass when I see things like Takana

Print CSS is always the last thought, if even that, when new projects prepare for launch. Need to look more deeply into Hartija, and compare it to HTML5 Boilerplate, but at first glance, it looks quite good!

Two JS APIs that we should all familiarize ourselves with are Battery Status API and Navigation Timing API. Our users will thank us!

‘s Styling and Animating Scalable Vector Graphics with CSS presentation from CSSconf EU 2014. Love her talks!

scrollReveal.js Easily reveal elements as they enter the viewport.

Really love these transitions. And the demo? Just fun to watch… :-)

shows how to add Retina support via srcset.

And offers a very thorough responsive images run-down.

But reminds us that in most cases srcset is probably all we need

The 6 Plus is the first iPhone that sports a “Retina HD” display…

Shit… This means beyond our 1x and 2x images, we also now need a 3x… Great. Better learn how to set-up PhotoShop for that!

Get to know object.observe.

Netflix is apparently a huge fan of A/B Testing!

Very simple, yet effect, JS method for creating a dynamic download file.

And finally, in the name of Halloween, I offer a “scary” e-commerce performance graph for you… Ok, maybe not so scary, unless you work in e-commerce… :-)

Happy reading,

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