Today’s Readings

I was really excited to hear about Microsoft’s Pointer Events recommendation, then really disappointed to hear that Chrome decided not to support them, even after their okay argument

widows and orphans are important enough for print CSS, but says they have a place in screen CSS as well.

Sticking with Dudley for a couple more about image maps! Right? :-)

And now sticking with SVGs for a couple more…

all: initial; new to me, thanks !

The API Simulator simulates APIs to help with dev work; slick idea!

I could never figure out why .remove() didn’t exist in native JS… Glad it’s coming, and glad that until it is available everywhere, there are polyfills

Buggyfill is “not a polyfill” (because it fixes bad behavior rather than adding missing behavior), but if you want to use vw, vh, vmin and vmax, especially across mobile (where it is most needed), you might want to check it out.

Get to know map, filter, mergeAll, reduce, and zip better in this tutorial. Promises that “if you learn these 5 functions your code will become shorter, more self-descriptive, and more durable.” Sounds good to me!

As with all databases, WP databases can easily get bloated and sluggish. So find out how to set-up your WP DB to behave better, and clean itself up!

I was not familiar with the HTML5 menu and menuitem elements, but I’m glad I am now! I love coding semantically, so will be great to push these into future projects!

No one should be surprised to read that performance is terrible on e-commerce site, because performance has long been terrible on all sites.

And when we talk about performance, we always talk about compression. And when we talk about compression, we mostly think about Gzip, right? Okay, maybe deflate. Wow, there are a LOT more options than I ever knew

But before you compress, I guess, you should remove all the cruft from your images, starting with all your personal data!

And if you’ve still not had enough performance-related reading, here is more than you could possibly read in a week

And finally, Gaga isn’t the only one that was born a certain waySo was the web. :-)

Happy reading,

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