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Not sure if you’re a fan of SMACSS or not, but if you use WordPress, the same principles of modularizing your CSS classes could be implemented for any number of OOCSS styles.

Image sprites have long been known, and used, to help reduce HTTP requests and improve performance, but now tells us how to use SVG sprites in the same manner, including referencing an external SVG file, and a polyfill to make this work in IE!

And once we have our HTTP requests reduced, let’s make sure anything fancy we want to do, like animation, is as performant as possible too!

Have to admit, I was not aware of “code snippets” in Chrome’s DevTools, but this article on performance measuring using code snippets is really impressive!

A recent Smashing Magazine newsletter suggests that flexbox’s time has finally come, and Can I Use seems to agree! Borrowing a couple links from the newsletter, here are common design pattern problems that can be easily solved by flexbox and a cheatsheet to help you cope with the old/new CSS mix that is required.

And speaking of our old friend flexbox, here are a few “flexbox adventures” for you! Enjoy!! :-)

In a previous issue I listed links to all of the Tuts+ 50 Filters of WordPress articles, so I feel I would be remiss not to link to their 50 Actions of WordPress! (Thankfully, I found one link for all of the articles this time… ;-)

MBaaS is a new term to me (and a bit of a crazy-pants term), but it is well-defined and well-described in this Smashing Magazine article.

Although the article is titled A Designer’s Sublime Text Setup, any developer that is currently using Sublime Text, or is looking for a new IDE, is going to find something they can use.

And once you get Sublime Text installed, you’re going to want to pimp it out

Free WebPageTest API Keys: CI Perf Tests Made Even Easier. Any questions?

So, red is heavier than blue? Read to find out why, and what to do about it…

interact.js: JavaScript drag and drop, resizing and multi-touch gestures with inertia and snapping for modern browsers (and also IE8+)

And the minified version is just 17.1KB, gzipped… Hmm.

And if the above gets you thinking that you might easily replace at least parts of jQuery, well, how about replacing a few more, with these easy, native JS methods?

Still not convinced? Maybe these will help

Wow, a tiny little OSX command line tip, shortly turns into the mother of all command line tip lists

Some Obscure JavaScript Pitfalls. Always good to be reminded of such issues…

And finally, I want really, really badly not to make fun of this, or belittle whatever efforts may come, or lay any shadow of doubt before anything is even seen from them, but how can Microsoft building a new browser possibly come to any good????? #facepalm #couldnothelpmyself

And finally, finally, I really don’t want to end this post with a negative, so instead I’m going to link to one of the many newsletters I read regularly, because they have collected such a nice list of sites that are doing things properly, and impressively! Let’s take a moment to read about them and show appreciation for the work down to make these works of art!

Ok, finally, finally, finally, I feel like I actually need to end this issue with the standard bit of sarcasm found here at the end… ;-) I am routinely amazed at the amount of free time that some people have, and commit, to projects such as the Star Wars API… Much wow…

Happy reading,

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