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We’ve seen this technique of no-JS modal overlays before, but every time I see it again, I always wonder why I am not using it… I guess the only real negative is the change in URL when you open/close a modal, but should we really care about that??

For whatever reason, I ended up in the Less camp, but Sass has always interested me, especially since it seems to be the only one of the two options that I ever hear anyone talking about… :-/ has put together a five-part series on Sass (links to the previous & next tutorials can be found at the end of each one).

I knew about jQuery namespaces, but using them to indicate where the click came from is kinda brilliant…

A rather extensive read about responsive fonts.

Well, this seems promising: Wifi Map, a free app containing over 2 million crowd-sourced hotspot locations and passwords, worldwide…

Start off by wrapping your data with clean, semantic HTML, add a little starter-CSS, add in some JS to create an SVG-version. Progressive enhancement at it’s best

Build & host your own URL shortener with YOURLS. Also has a link to a pretty cool site, Domainr, which helps you find available short URLs… Huh.

A ton of button :hover transitions for your hovering pleasure…

A run-through of a Twitter “fave”-like :hover animation

Pretty slick dynamic input field. More complex than I expected it to be, but the article explains it all quite nicely!

Some cool text effects using text-shadow, text-stroke, background-clip, and even SVG!

And here are a bunch of CSS-only :target UI interactions.

And finally, one of my all-time favorite webbies, here is Jeremy Keith’s presentation on The Long Web, from A List Apart. Always a good listen…

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