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Well, it appears that Net Neutrality has won the day… Yay!! Does this mean all those f-ing “Sign the Petition” emails can finally stop coming to me, please??? Something tells me that, while we may have won this battle, we have not yet won the war, that big money will simply lick its wounds until we lose focus, and this will all start up again, under yet another name…

Anyone else read Google+ in Chrome? If so, does it absolutely murder your browser after about 3-5 minutes? Yo, what up, Google+ and Chrome, don’t you guys, like, work for the same company??

OhSnap is a JS notification system “designed to be used in mobile apps” (but something tells me it would work pretty well in non-mobile browsers too). Simple method for sending new notifications that auto-dismiss or the user can click to dismiss.

In real life, the HTML5 Document Outline is apparently not all the spec is cracked up to be… While the spec says starting nested sections with a new h1 is fine, basically creating a new “scope”, apparently no browser currently supports that, so users really get a confusing garble of h1s… This has always been a bone of contention between HTML5 and SEO, so, I guess SEO wins here…

Interesting Windows font-family bugga-boo discovered by .

Blink and WebKit DevTools allow you to copy from their Console to your clipboard… No, you can’t use this to create a “Copy to Clipboard” button on a website, this is now the last useful purpose for Flash, but has some uses for this little-known feature.

Using Sass to create a SVG is probably never a good idea (as the author admits), but it is nice to know you can

Have you ever uploaded an image to WordPress and wondered why it looks pixelated on the front-end?

Why yes, yes I have… Now learn how to do something about it.

Several examples of Accessible modal dialogs. Like.

Got CSS pre-processor? Here’s a lengthy article on why you should, and how to go about switching to SCSS, even if you have a crap-ton of legacy CSS files.

Then read why CSS pre-processors are totally evil, and how we can save ourselves, by using CSS post-processors…

Okay, show of hands, who uses Linux as their OS? At home, I’m on Mac OS, and at work, typically, I’m on Windows. But several co-workers just changed over to Linux. I know it’s what all the cool kids do, but here are some solid reasons for doing it, and how to do it.

And finally, on October 31st, 2009, the last McDonald’s restaurant in Iceland closed. The day before that, bought a hamburger and french fries. And put them in his garage… They are now viewable via a live stream at the National Museum in Iceland

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