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Secret documents from the work by Alan Turing’s team of codebreakers have been found stuffed into the walls and roof of a hut at Bletchley Park.

Of course. Where else would you stash highly-sensitive, secret documents???

44 Responsive Web Design Resources: The Ultimate List. Lists like these always crack me up; do you suppose they initially had 43, and decided it would be a weird number, so had to dig up one more? :-) But seriously, some great links in there.

And this could have been number 45: Responsive Web Design Tips. Nice tips on how to approach and plan for responsiveness, when to add a breakpoint, etc.

And number 46: Measuring Your Site’s Responsive Breakpoint Usage. Quick tutorial on using Google Analytics to track responsive breakpoint usage.

Great, lengthy, in-depth article on why server-side rendered JS can be a great way to go. I love the concept, and would love to play with this more some day…

Now-days JS in modern browsers is pretty fast, but of course we can always make it faster. Learn how to write the fastest JS you can write.

Well, it appears tat Apple is finally killing the horrible-to-use iPhoto, and replacing it with Photo. Okay, so they trimmed the “i”? No, much more. Here is a brief description of the new Photo app, and here is a little more thorough how-to-use-it article. Both make the new experience look much better than the old…

These img spriting techniques from look great, but that big glaring red column on the left when I check CanIUse for object-fit and object-position make this still a some day in the future

And finally, tired of your laptop burning up your lap, but don’t want some clunky laptop table to lug around? Meet the Lapdeck, a $10 recyclable cardboard laptop desk. The design is solid, but all the users in the videos look incredibly unstable; would love to see this move to something firmer, and more stable, than cardboard.

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  1. Dominykas says:

    I think the link to 44 tips is broken.

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