Today’s Readings

Some big news that quietly circulated the Interweb is that Google has started automatically converting Flash ads into HTML5… Just another stab in Flash’s barely-beating heart…

Vivus is a lightweight JavaScript class… that allows you to animate SVGs, giving them the appearence [sic] of being drawn.

Nevermind the spelling error, it’s a pretty cool-looking animation.

reveals a nasty little WebKit/Blink video bug that stops autoplay, and provides the fix.

I don’t know that this effect reminds me of a trampoline, but the this trampoline effect is pretty cool

Learn Design Principles is a really great glossary / tutorial on design terminology; really useful for dealing with those designy peeps… ;-)

walks us through a progressively-enhanced Lightbox that uses @media queries, CSS animation, the dialog element, Flexbox, and srcset… Way to pack in the buzzwords, Dudley!!

Sticking with images for a sec, Flickity is a responsive, touch-friendly carousel. I like it. I especially like how I can click as fast as I want and the carousel actually speeds up and keeps up with me… Nice job!

Ok, one more, this time presents a solid approach for dealing with hero images in a responsive manner; it’s not easy, but it can be done.

A nice run-through on organizing, and optimizing, your Grunt Tasks. Well thought out, I really like the storage and inclusion techniques…

Hmm, typebetter converts normal quotes, apostrophes, and more into smart-quote-versions, as you type. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure why you need this, but it is cool to watch happen, as you type…

Automating Style Guide-Driven Development. I think the key-concept here is a “living” style guide… I would love, love, love to be involved in a project some day that actually has a style guide before I have to start building it, and then have it actually be used, and actually look anything like the final designs by the time I finish building it… :-/

And finally, wow, what a fantastic read from : The Web’s Grain — A view on designing for the web… And a beautifully-designed page, to boot!

Happy reading,

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