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One of the weekly email newsletters that I religiously read, Web Tools Weekly, has created an e-pub of all the tips and bits they’ve offered in the intro section of their newsletters. Typically really good stuff!

After commenting on Vivus in the last issue of Today’s Readings, seems appropriate to also mention drawSVG, for all your animated SVG needs!

Pushpin makes it easy to create WebSocket, HTTP streaming, and HTTP long-polling services using any web stack as the backend.

Working with Django, Rails, ASP, or even PHP, seems like a pretty powerful resource!

CSS-only, cross-fading background images, with no JS. Heck, you don’t even need any HTML!!

Still serving your site via HTTP1? Of course you are. You’re probably also spriting, concatenating, and sharding requests, right? Better check all that before you go switching to HTTP2

While we’re talking protocols, still using HTTP or already using HTTPS/TLS/SSL? Switching can be difficult, so learn from those that have already done it…

  1. walks us through his experience Switching to HTTPS, then
  2. shares his torment Transitioning to TLS, and finally
  3. discusses the process of Moving to HTTPS on WordPress.

And while we’re talking about WordPress, one of the new APIs is the Quicktag API, which lets you add custom buttons to the ribbon on the main editor panel. Awesome, I have so many uses for that!

And if you’re looking for some place new to host your site, for a pretty reasonable price, you can host just about any open-source software site on Indie Hosters. Seriously, €8 per month…

DevTools has been the standard web developer debugger (IMO) for some time. But now there is a push to make DevTools more comfortable for designers to dig in and play with their projects, and you can help!

Got web fonts? I, do not. I just don’t want to deal with all the caveats that come with them… But here is a nice, long article about the state of web type, which also leads us to a new, open-source site, The State of Web Type. If, you know, you’re into that sort of thing…

What about Node.js? I’m still not really deep into it; I love the concept, but have not yet had a serious use-case that forced me to get into the real power of it… But if you’re interested, here is a nice-looking, beginners-level introduction to Node.js.

Another here is anther great-looking, basic introduction, this time for using Terminal and GitHub. Powerful!

And finally, the fantastically-silly, but also technically-impressive, Pointer Pointer… Move your cursor somewhere and wait a second… Yup, silly, but impressive…

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